Mission and values

Our mission is to create unusual environment for meeting the Customer’s needs in achieving corporate targets through activating inner resources of participants. Our main tool is Adventure of various types.


We are a professional team that has covered its own adventure path. We offer you the Adventure that aims at reaching your targets, experiencing new emotions and satisfying your ambitions. We shall offer you a unique route at any place in the world. 


It is essential for us to have safety in everything. Safety of each employee, each customer and environment.


We are responsible for our own promises and honest to you as your trust and confidence is our objective.


We set ourselves global targets. We are confident in our abilities and ready to meet the most challenging tasks. This confidence is supported by our opportunities and actual achievements. We use our knowledge, talent, experience and team spirit for achieving the set targets.


We were born for creating and developing! We constantly improve our skills and acquire extra knowledge which we implement in our projects. By way of constant development we move on to new horizons and new opportunities.

Care about people

Being open and caring, we build our relationship with other people. Each person, whether he or she is our employee, a customer or a competitor, is our partner. We believe that two people always can reach an agreement if they are attentive and open to each other.


  • A big project is based on small things. A mistake or inaccuracy in something small can lead to a snowball effect that affects the final result of the project.
  • Each process must be ecologically-friendly – from the project in woodlands to Agreement with the client.
  • Muscle memory is much stronger than theoretical knowledge. 
  • When trying something new, from the first meeting with a compass and a map to the first climbing the mountains, a person broadens his horizons and becomes more broad-minded about what happens around. The result is a new viewpoint on difficult tasks and set targets.
  • Changing the scene creates highly effective atmosphere for experiencing something new.
  • Natural obstacles make a human mind work better than artificial ones.
  • We don’t have numerous staff. We build our team out of specialists of certain fields for each project taking into account its special features and a customer’s request, thus we increase the quality of the project performance.