Around the world in 80 days

 The main target of the program was to conduct an active event where the employees who had been working together for quite a long time had a chance to look at each other at a different angle and spend their time in a positive and emotional way. 

Place and time:

Autumn 2010


The largest Russian IT company in Europe, the leader in development of security systems. 30 people


The program “Around the world in 80 days” took place in the historical centre of one of the oldest towns of Moscow region. Solving riddles and puzzles, finding answers to logic tasks, learning to find a way in an unfamiliar city, the participants visited historical places of the town and museums. All the tasks and milestones were stylized for cities and countries that Phileas Fogg – a famous traveler from Jules Verne’s book – visited. Under the control of his “successor” the teams travelled “around the globe” competing for speed; they successfully fulfilled all the tasks, got memorable souvenirs from the “countries” they had been to and spent an incredible day together with their colleagues and friends