Suzdal - the epicenter of the national life with a spirit of adventure!

Quest in Suzdal - a perfect way to unite and positive emotions

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Suzdal - the famous city-reserve , Vladimir province , Russian soul and the heart of her Golden Ring. Here every tree preserves the memory of the battles of the past centuries , and each stone - a centuries-old history . Here, every breath feel the spirit of the glorious victories, and the walls of the city as there is no place you want to be part of the great Russian people , with its traditions and cultural heritage. Where , if not here, among the brightest " illustrations " old life and life of ancient human conduct routine - adventure game !

Quest in Suzdal - a perfect way to unite and positive emotions

Quest in Suzdal - a special event that helps not just to relax for a few hours, and spend that time with benefits for the body and soul. His script is developed in such a way that in the performance of their distinctive role each party games , adventure feel your advantage and responsibility , aware of the value of any of its acts and omissions for a common purpose and felt the team spirit . This means that the quest - it's the perfect program for any team , whether employees of the company or department , school children , students , or the company of good friends .

Just 200 km from the capital's concrete jungle , road noise and the daily routine you can spend a few unforgettable hours of his life , to feel like a hero or a villain, Counts find treasures to detective or even commit a "crime ."

Why Suzdal ?

This city is able to awaken in each man the spirit of adventure , he is amazing, but still :

- He breathes antiquity , smells like nature, speaks the language of the soul , getting here already feel part of the historic movie or an old book illustrations - just forgotten domestic concerns and problems at work, you want a holiday , and , of course, adventure , and thus , the city creates the right mood for the quest ;

- Here are incredibly clean air , the special architecture , generous nature and everyday life of local residents to preserve the best traditions of antiquity - it all seems ideal conditions for the development and realization in life really bright and fresh script for any adventurous activities .

Welcome to the game , incredibly life -like ! Welcome to the adventure of the present much of a plot that will be remembered forever!