Building boom


The main target of the program was to hold such an event where the employees who work in one team could see each other at a different angle, find new qualities within themselves and their colleagues, spend their time in a cheerful way.


Place and time:

Winter 2010


Moscow branch of a large international company in the sphere of food production. 90 people

Constructing buildings is not the company’s fields. However, the participants were offered to become builders for some time. The teams divided into two rival building companies and joined the tender on fulfilling a large state order. As is usual in that sphere, building materials don’t often arrive on time, the customer’s requirements are changing all the time and branches communicate with each other not successfully. Under these difficult conditions the participants managed to improve communication, show their creativity and ambitiousness. The required construction was ready on time and the representatives of Rostechnadzor in white safety helmets and with tape-measure in hands decided which company met the customer’s requirement the best. They were awarded a cup – Golden Helmet of the Builder.