Mediterranean gourmets

The key task of the event was to create a general context which would help to unite the team and introduce all the participants of the program to each other. 

Place and time:

October 2011


The employees of the department of the largest commercial Russian bank, 90 people

Due to company’s restructuring there were personnel changes in the departments and merges of the departments that hadn’t been related before. The management faced the task to build team spirit of people who were to work together.

To fulfill this task it was decided to hold cooking master-class where the participants were to cook dinner themselves and afterwards to treat their colleagues. The menu of the evening had the same theme – Mediterranean gourmets. Chefs who represented various Mediterranean countries taught their teams to cook national cuisine, shared their own cooking recipes and gave the participants a chance not only to follow the given recipes but improvise in Mediterranean cuisine dishes. The peak point of the program was presentation of dishes followed by sampling them.