Special division K.

 The main target was to introduce the participants to each other, to key employees of Moscow branch, the structure of office life in headquarters and to company’s departments. 

Place and time:

February 2011


The largest Russian company – the developer of security systems from computer viruses, spam and hacker attacks. The employees of Russian office and international representatives, the participants of analytical summit. 90 people

The program “Special division K.” was fully prepared on the basis of central Moscow office of the company that takes several floors of a huge business centre. The program was worked out so that the participants of the summit, specialists from different countries came closer to the solution of final task while cooperating with each other, exploring secret places of the office, communicating with the office staff, getting ahead of the competitors. During the program “Special division K.” the participants got acquainted with each other, learnt about the structure of office life in the headquarters and got acquainted with the key personnel.