Winter farewell

Place and time:

March 6, 2011


The employees, partners and clients of the company, 600 people

For Rosautobank it is already a tradition to celebrate two holidays in one day annually – the end of Pancake week and company’s Birthday. The company prefers active leisure and organizes annual skiing relay, where all can take part – management of the company and ordinary employees, their families, friends and partners of the company. In 2011 the company SmartAction took part in the organization of that holiday. Apart from sport element of the event – flagging the track, renting sports equipment for those who wished –there were organized various amusement facilities on a forest clearing for all the guests such as tug-of-war, accuracy and strength competitions … In the evening the management set afire the scarecrow with folk music background. The celebration itself went on till darkness and everyone could take part in round dancing and other traditional entertainments.