Mission possible – bunker defense

 The main target of the program was to hold an active and informative program that didn’t require great time spending, thus it included a unique place that would remain in the participants’ memories.  

Place and time:

Autumn 2010


One of the most successful companies on Russian market in the sphere of personal hygiene products and household chemicals.

It was a one-day program which combined physical activity and informative elements. The customer was offered to hold this program in former sensitive military site – in a bunker in the centre of Moscow that is located 60 meters underground. After breakfast the team met the agent who gave a cipher with the object’s location. Having deciphered the message and covered 310 steps the team got down to the bunker’s defense and took part in strike ball tournament. After the active part those who wished had an excursion in the bunker. At the end of the program all the defenders got buckwheat porridge and a shot.