Love Stream Team

It is an unusual name for one of the most unusual programs. Nearly the first experience of active teambuilding for the company – operator of the largest oil and gas projects on Russian territory.  

Place and time:

October 2011


commercial department of company-operator of the largest oil and gas company on Russian territory, 50 people

Our team had a very responsible task – not only to hold teambuilding for commercial department of the company but also to transfer a series of such programs to other departments whose top-managers had been present at the event.  It was a full-day active program of teambuilding that consisted of two parts – the first included Adventure race tasks and the second – Quest. After covering both parts all the participants united for fulfilling the final trial – they were to overcome high obstacle without any additional equipment and use each other as “live ladder”. Very few believed in the beginning that they would be lifted with the help of their friends. However, after discussing the tactics the participants got down to storming the obstacle. The last participant was lifted onto the wall in the last minutes of the set time period. The task was fulfilled. Each participant won a small victory that day - over himself, over difficult life situations and the idea of impossible. At the end of the evening the participants had dinner in a friendly atmosphere where they could share impressions and thanks for the spent day.