Quests in St. Petersburg - the conquest of "imperial capital"!

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St. Petersburg - the world famous "cultural value" of Russia ! Just a couple of centuries ago it was here watching the development of the Great Russian State royal personages . To this day, Peter called the "royal capital" , and the significance of the city is constantly reminded by various buildings of national importance, grand architecture , and truly royal decoration .

Museum of the "Hermitage" , the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after SM Kirov ( Central Park ) , the Marble Palace, the Peter and Paul fortress , the Palace Square with the Winter Palace awesome , numerous theaters, parks and monuments - all of this is St. Petersburg ! Every building , every street of the city felt the aristocracy , intelligence , culture and grandeur . His historical significance of the symbols resemble many of St. Petersburg , including: firewalls , unusual courtyards and chimneys . The abundance of greenery creates a sense of the incredible power of life and gives the will to act !

If you like and know modern Peter, if you 've never been there , but have heard a lot about it and want to visit , feel the mood of " imperial capital" in full, taking a dip in the adventurous game adventure !

Quests in St. Petersburg - an unforgettable positive emotions!

Pupils and students , scholars and history buffs , the St. Petersburg and those who want to discover the "soul" of the amazing city ! Just for you unseen adventures - events occur in the brightest parts of St. Petersburg - on land and on the water, in the squares and museums , parks and areas of international significance .

You will have:

- Intellectual quests in St. Petersburg , designed for participants of different ages have different purposes , but united by a common desire - to spend a few unforgettable hours in the "royal capital" ;

- Sport - intellectual quests - adventures in which to achieve the goal within the prescribed time by any means - at your service card , all types of ground transportation , private savvy and a rival who "breathes in the back" ;

- Extreme quests in St. Petersburg - a unique program with bursts of adrenaline, the challenges and risks for those who love extreme sports .

Excitement , increased interest in the proceedings and vivid memories are guaranteed !