Road Kings

Off-road challenge for strong in spirit 

Place and time:

April 2012


Top-managers of one of the branches of the largest Russian Internet company.

Off-road program across forests and quarries of Moscow region was full of various technical tasks to fulfill which the participants used the vehicles’ abilities. Apart from car stages the teams covered some rope tasks.

 That busy day finished with the porridge, hot tea and pleasant talk around the fire.

 Here are some comments of the challenge participants:

 -          “Organization was on a very high level – it was professional and exciting. We had a great chance to see what is off-road vehicle like in action and their differences in the field. Thanks a lot! :) We would offer to focus more on competition – everybody really liked searching beacons. We lacked summing results at the end of the event and some useless memorable gifts :)”

 -          “Everything was amazing! But that’s a pity that we couldn’t try vehicles in real mud. In the future you can organize something like trophy-raids with a long track, check points and trial elements. Nothing builds the team more than the necessity to pull a heavy off-roader from the swamp! We’ve got brave and sporty people, that’s why we are not against some hell on the road! P.S. Want to taste buckwheat porridge again!