Business trips. Survivor

The main target of the program was to introduce the employees of different branches to each other in the framework of active competitions. Besides, this program marked the end of a large conference and finished it with a festive mood. 

Place and time:

Autumn 2010


Employees of the leading national audit-consulting company. 300 people

The event’s program refers to the theme of business trips which the company’s employees have in 90% of working time. The program was held in the framework of Adventure race and included a great number of various tasks connected with business trips. There were 2 areas with the tasks – the first one was devoted to trips by train (the participants were building railway stations, communicated with fellow travelers and searched for necessary “stations”); the second area was “an airport” so to say (the participants set a temporary overnight camp while waiting for their flight, orientated in intricate air station schemes and demonstrated their communication skills with local “taxi drivers”). The entire program was very active and dynamic. Elaborate logistics of the event contributed to it and helped to avoid “queues” in the tasks.