Cinema laboratory “CinemaLab” presents

 Unusual corporate program for creative department of the greatest Russian IT company 

Place and time:

September 2012


Marketing department

On September 6 from the very morning strange things began to happen on the territory of Culture Park n. a. Gorkiy. Some strange people occupied all the benches and lawns of the park. The witnesses state that they saw a cowboy, a monochromic detective, Indian twins Zita and Gita and even Coco Plastilinina. A group of people who shouted strange things: Action! Cut! Act four, first shot! And had suspicious equipment went deep into the park and got lost among ponds and gardens.

What was the matter?

Was it the protest?


Joke of imagination?

 In the centre of Moscow, in front of many people, a legend was born…

 It could be the beginning of one of the scenarios filmed by our participants within the program “CinemaLab”. During the day the participants did a great job – in the morning nobody knew anything about cinema production, peculiarities of script writing or cameraman skills. In the evening with the last sun rays four cinema companies that the participants united in presented their own films in outdoor cinema shot for less than a day.

The day began with master-classes where each team got full information on camera, acting, directing and scenario skills. During 2 hours the participants learnt a lot of useful information about ways to shoot the film. Afterwards they were to work independently on video clips for several hours – from scenario writing and roles allocating to shooting and sounding. The teams acted as one unit using their creativity and by the evening they were able to present their films for judges. After difficult process of choosing the latter managed to select the film for category “Best film”. But the judges were so impressed by the works of all the cinema companies that they awarded all of them in different categories.

 We are sure that this day will stay in memory of our participants and our employees for a long time because today we explored a wonderful new world of the most mysterious and enigmatic laboratories – Cinema Laboratory!