Dream city

 the aim of the event was to create common atmosphere for all the company's employees, to understand the global character of the company's business, to inform about sponsor part of the company's  business which is not directly connected with the company's output  

Place and time:

March 2013


the employees of sales departments of the Central region of the largest company producer of soft drinks, 200 people

After the first formal part of the event it was time for implementation of one of the most unusual Smart Action projects - constructing the Dream city. Many people are familiar with such type of business games and teambuilding as building cardboard city, BUT our "Dream city" has little to do with these programmes except for the name and building material.    After being divided into construction teams the participants started to put into life their projects. The objective of each team was to cover their own territory as well as a few neigbouring "isles" that belonged to other teams. Each building had strict requirements both in terms of technical features and infrastructure. Taking into account a complex system of scoring with focus on all the details foremen prepared the plans for building with high accuracy. The participants responsible for the building itself showed a lot of creativity keeping in mind strict requirements of the inspection without which the building couldn't be accepted.