Fort Skolkovo

 The main target of the program was to present the participants the premises and facilities of Campus Skolkovo and introduce them to each other. Besides, we wanted to give a good head start by bringing positive emotions before the forthcoming session Executive Education. 

Place and time:

Spring 2011


Top managers of the leading Russian company in oil and gas area, 40 people


Moscow School of Management in Skolkovo. It is known for everybody! The President Dmitry Medvedev personally supervises it. Besides, Vladimir Putin, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Condoleezza Rice came there with special visits. Leading management specialists give lectures there. Many people want to come to that place! But it’s not that easy! This is a real fort.

The participants of the program were to divide into teams, solve the riddles and find 33 keys that were hidden in different parts of the Campus, outplay the Masters of the Game and cover several Special levels. After all keys were found the participants got a new challenge. The final task was to build a particular construction common to everybody. No team had the whole information, only hints, sets of details and tough restrictions. They could only guess what the construction was like. How to shift from competitiveness to cooperation, how to maintain the morale, how to organize the process within tough time limits, resources and information? The participants proved their leading positions in the company; they focused, allocated the time reasonably and built the construction in time. Till the last moment everybody was sure that it would fall apart when they let it go!