Demino Adventure Challenge

 The project’s target was to hold an event that would be full of various kinds of activities. To create a program that would be completely different from the previous ones that were held for the company’s employees. 

Place and time:

July 2012


The employees of the leading pharmaceutical company

The participants of the project seemed to have been to all our programs. We decided to surprise our old partner. In previous projects they had proved their stamina, morale and vehemence so we offered them to demonstrate their true competitive skills and take part in fully-fledged Adventure Race – Demino Adventure Challenge!

We organized the route on the territory of a famous sport centre near Yaroslavl; the adventure race included such stages as orienteering, rowing, rope tasks, trolley, shooting from pneumatic and of course cycling that went on the tracks of Demino Cycling marathon. There was a fair competition between the teams for several hours. The teams were passing all the tests successfully without losing excitement and good mood, encouraged and teased each other, shared their impressions and even made verses about all what was happening.

That busy day ended with awarding the participants and having small barbecue party. Even sudden rain couldn’t spoil the atmosphere.

In the morning a small motor ship had already been waiting for our participants and carried everybody to Yaroslavl where there was an exciting excursion. After that tired but inspired participants returned to Moscow.