12 chairs – pursuit for efficiency secret

 The main target of the program was building the team spirit and understanding that the “efficiency secret” is in cooperating, readiness to support each other and responsibility for yourself and your colleague. 

Place and time:

June 2010


Top managers of financial departments from all over Russia of the largest producer of alcoholic drinks, 40 people

Quest was organized in Yalta where the customer held its conference. The walking route of the quest was built so that during the entire event the participants were able to see a great number of sights, go up by funicular to the viewing platform. All parts of the route were interconnected by topic tasks after fulfilling which the participants received chairs where they could find the elements of keys to the final task location. Quest’s tasks included travelling across the city with the help of GPS receiver, solving logic tasks, intellectual and creative tasks. Solving all the tasks required maximum involvement of all the team members. During the entire event the structure of team division was changing – initially the participants were divided into 4 teams, 4 mini-teams fulfilled supplementary tasks, for fulfilling further tasks the teams united into two teams and even one big. Thus, the participants were not isolated from each other in smaller teams but constantly united for working in one big team.