2011 year

Working out new types of Adventures including “winter” projects for implementing them indoors. We acquired strategic customers for whom we worked out specific programs including the transition of the technology how to hold the event.

Our closest target is to work out a number of new programs each of which will be aimed at development of certain skills sets.

2010 year

This was the time of company’s active development. New customers emerged. SmartAction team was consolidated by new key employees. The geography of projects expanded.
2010 was the year when we got over the set standards and dealt with 500 participants for travelling project.

2009 year

Shifting the focus of the company from mass-cultural and sport events to programs of certain fields. The theoretical base was strengthened, new kinds of Adventures appeared.

In spring we implemented one of the largest projects (according to the tasks set by the Customer and project’s geography) – quests in 16 Russian cities from Moscow to Vladivostok, carried out within 5 weeks only.

2008 year

Active development after 2007, increase of the number of projects. Substantial reduction of projects up to the end of December. One of the main customers of the company who had ceased 3 large projects became a prognostic of the crisis.

2007 year

In that year we implemented some large and unusual projects including those abroad with the use of difficult logistics. Each of the projects became a mixture of active, creative and intellectual components. The company participated in TrainingsExpo exhibition and became a contender in category “Company – discovery of the year”.

2006 year

At the end of 2006 we launched the project Smart Action. It includes the leading specialists of the market of active corporate programs that have a great work experience in this field.

The company mainly specializes in creating the active component of the event, compiling and implementing programs, working out hard logistics and the process management.


Two key figures that further set up the company Smart Action got acquainted. The team was built out of people who are keen on adventures. The first steps on the market of active corporate programs were the organization of competitions on such kinds of sport as orienteering, cross-country skiing, climbing, trekking and tourist all-around, multisport and adventure races.

The company has entered the market of active corporate programs since 2004. It specialized mainly on creating the active component of the event, compiling and implementing programs, working out difficult logistics and the process management. It often worked as an engineering contractor. While it was growing and developing, there appeared a new idea of creating a new brand and entering the market under its own name. So a new company of Adventures was born.

 We don’t have numerous staff. We build our team out of specialists of narrow fields for each project taking into account its special features and a customer’s request, thus we increase the quality of the project performance. 


 We are going to develop the market of corporate Adventures, work out new programs and offer conceptually different output. 

Getting satisfaction from our work with customers and for them and living with Adventures.