Creative workshops

Creativity is a process of creating something unique and new. Being unique is what makes this process different from simple manufacturing. Creativity is a unique psychological process that activates a person’s potential that he even hasn’t thought about. This process is complicated, multifaceted and sometimes difficult, but it is frequently a necessary momentum for further development. Apart from deep psychological meaning the creative process brings a great pleasure to a person who is really devoted to it. Developing inner potential and creating something new, a person gets to know himself better, finds his place in the world and perhaps reaches harmony.

The peculiarity of master-classes where the expert passes his knowledge to anyone who needs it is that the expert plays the role of facilitator – he helps to cut the distance from learning how to use a new creative tool to expressing oneself in creative process. Under careful control of skilled expert the participants of our workshops create something new, fulfill their potential, come closer to harmony and prepare for further development.

We offer our customers a wide range of various workshops starting from pottery where the experts will uncover the secrets of turning a piece of clay into masterpiece, and finishing with master-classes of sand animation where everyone can create their own sand film or put into sand their company’s values, missions and beliefs altogether. Workshops of oil painting, calligraphy, and painting on silk, musical master-classes – we can find a creative direction especially for you where you and your employees will fulfill their potential.


Количество человек
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