Spartakiad Games

Scenarios of this adventure

Spartakiad is a kind of sport event that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century being mass sport competitions in the USSR and other socialist countries.

Note: Initially Spartakiad, after the leader of rebellion of Rome slaves Spartacus, were sport competitions that German sport clubs of procommunist character held. In the 20s Spartakiad Games spread around the USSR where they were an alternative to Olympic games where the USSR didn’t take part in – first because of strike IOC, later because of ideological disagreements. Spartakiad Games were also held in other socialist countries, for example the GDR and the CSR...”

In our vision Spartakiad is a mass sport event that was held in the framework of all the company or its part. The range of sport kinds which the participants will take part in is almost standard ones.

Spartakiad can be both winter and summer. With more unusual kinds of sport and logistics for this kind of the event, we can offer the framework of “Adventure race”, where the targets can be similar to Spartakiad targets.