Taiga river…High north sky is reflected on the lake’s surface. Spillway is replaced by river reach, the banks go together and around the turn you hear the rift that draws you with its secrets. Kayak, catamaran, raft – it doesn’t matter; there’s only the river and the target your team and you have to reach”.

Staple, hoist cable, stern wake, hitches, break-troughs – experienced instructors will help you to learn the nuts and bolts of water nature, will tell you how to avoid dangerous places on the river and help in the difficult process of building a team. It’s not an office – you can’t leave for home in the evening holding a grudge on your colleague or boss. Everything is for real! In the evening you make a fire, cook dinner and have a long warm-hearted talk – the cup warms your hands and fire is reflected in the eyes of your colleagues that have become so close to you. Tomorrow you’ll have a new day full of activities and new Adventures!