Who didn't like solving riddles in their childhood?
Now we are incredibly adult and serious people and solving riddles moves to a new level - level of corporate quests.

What is that?

Quest is an adventurous game, search, discovery, riddles and their solutions. We rarely notice hidden places of our home city, nearest forest, home or office. But interesting places veiled in mystery, with legendary history or secret background can be really close. 

What does it bring to you?
- United personnel of your company that set common aims and achieve them in the course of the game;
- Revealing personal qualities of each employee and showing situational leadership;
- Developing the ability to set proper priorities and work for the result;
- Trust of the team to separate members and readiness to help them in difficult situations;
- The event that you will remember all your life - corporate quest - bright, unique, exciting and important for each employee of your company.

What kind can it be?

1) Quest in the city

The city's history has so many interesting things! We offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of secrecy and old legends, find the answers to the mysteries, learn lots of new things in this real city Adventure!
Active team building suggests fulfilling tasks, solving puzzles, the participants are approaching the finish line step by step. In the course of the game the participants will have to find their way using maps,  «break» codes and intellectual puzzles, fulfill creative tasks, look for some objects using photos, even involve passers-by!

2) Quest in the park/on the hotel premises

Not only city can be the fountain of historical discoveries and secrets! Any park as well as the hotel or resort premises can become a location for holding the quest and is not inferior to the city at all. A great benefit of such quest is the opportunity for the participants to spend time outdoors as well as the opportunity to find their way using different maps. 

3) Quest indoors

You can look from a different angle at the most ordinary office and see that it has a lot of mysteries for a new employee or representative of another branch!

It’s as easy as pie to turn any chosen space into the land of mysteries and riddles! We will try to bring this amazing feeling of Adventure to everyone!