Corporate Adventure Cup

Corporate Adventure Cup is open corporate competitions in the manner of adventure races. CAC is a unique mixture of business, sport, adventure and nature. This is not only a tournament among the companies or traditional outdoor “corporate event” – this is an adventure available for both physically active and not very trained people. All are equal here: top-managers and ordinary employees. Each person can express themselves and demonstrate the best physical and moral qualities. 

Not only employees can take part in the cup but also friends and even clients or partners of the company and what is especially important - physical competitions are available for a real office employee. Adventures are held in two kinds: public – for everybody, and sport – for trained people. If you want we can organize training of the team, prepare equipment and train a little before the start.

Each team is due to have a number of adventure-meetings during which the participants strive for victory and get scores in exciting events. Distances with various kinds of activities are prepared so that to enable not only physical but also intellectual resources of the participants. This is only a part of the list: mountain cycling, climbing, roller skating, shooting, skiing, snow shoeing, caving, cross-country running with orienteering, GPS-navigation, etc. After three-hour event both new participants and advanced adventurers are overwhelmed with emotions.