Scenarios of this adventure
Off-roaders, all-roaders, racing cars, carting of formula kind and everything that has four wheels and an engine – welcome to the events closely connected with the world of cars.

Initially the idea was to create events connected with off-road programs where the route is covered by cars. Classical example of such program – “Following Camel Trophy”. Later new programs appeared where vehicles were only means of moving from point “A” to point “B”, where each point is a separate special area or a particular task, for example, rafting stage, orienteering stage or feedback stage where the participants can discuss hot topics and look at each other and themselves at a different angle in a created “safe environment”. 

Apart from off-road events there can be events connected with public roads where off-road vehicles are partially required or not required at all, it is enough to have a simple passenger car. It can be, for instance, program around Golden ring – automobile quest where not speed but quality of fulfilled tasks and deciphering of particular points are important. 

Besides, so called test-drives refer to this kind of programs where you can drive a real racing car from rally one, specially equipped, to classic city coupe with engine capacity 6 liters. In each kind of automobile programs the Customer’s background information is necessary as well as targets and desired outcome of the program. Then we can state what will be the most effective “Tool”.